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Book Award

"Buy the Book's Scholarship"

New Hope and St. John's Lutheran Churches
Spring Mills Lutheran Parish
P.O. Box 95
Spring Mills, PA 16875


For the purpose of promoting higher education the Spring Mills Lutheran Parish of Spring Mills, Pennsylvania has established a "Buy the Book's Scholarship." This scholarship will be available to all active confirmed students of the Spring Mills Lutheran Parish, and who are pursuing a bachelor's or associate degree within two years after high school graduation.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Each applicant must be an active confirmed member of either New Hope or St. John's Lutheran congregations.
  2. The applicant must be accepted at an accredited college or university of their choice.
  3. Return all receipts for Summer & Fall by October 15 and all Spring receipts by March 30.

(This scholarship will remain active for each student until they receive their degree, or four years, whichever comes first.)

Each student receiving this scholarship must purchase their required textbooks for each semester and submit a Book Award Check Request Form with receipts attached along with a list of courses and required textbooks for that semester to the custodial board of "Buy the Book's Scholarship" (Spring Mills Lutheran Parish, P.O. Box 95, Spring Mills, PA 16875) before the deadline.

Also, it is encouraged by the Spring Mills Parish if the student sells textbooks that have been purchased by this scholarship the monies be returned to the Parish or deducted on the next semester’s Book Award Check Request Form.

All student requirements must be fulfilled for each request of reimbursement for the purchase of required course textbooks. Should any requirement not be fulfilled on the student's behalf, the governing board of the scholarship will have no choice but to deny the request for required textbook cost reimbursement, no exceptions.

The governing board of this scholarship reserves the right to request additional information from the applicants and to revise the requirements of the applicants as need arises without prior notice.

Download the forms:

"Buy the Book" Application

Book Award Check Receipt Form